22nd Aug2014

Photograph the Every Day

If you're new here, you may want to subscribe to the RSS feed via email. . Thanks for visiting!I understand, in my “particular” ways, the need to...

07th Aug2014
©Jeff Dachowski via PPA.com

IPC 2014 is [almost] over, now what?

Whew! Was that a roller-coaster ride, or what? IPC 2014 exploded on the scene with a bang and will not be soon forgotten. The excitement of being...

03rd Jul2014

Guyda’s Vase

It began it’s non-retail store shelf life as an anniversary present to my husband’s parents on their fiftieth anniversary. And several years past their sixtieth anniversary, after...

23rd Jun2014

Silly Old Grandmother with Pictures in Purse

Fifty years ago, a woman received this photo album as a gift from her daughter-in-law. A gift, in part, to commemorate the birth of the family’s first...

15th Apr2014
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Why I became a Certified Professional Photographer

In 2008, I was entering my 12th year as a quality professional in the chemical industry. Unfortunately, it was also the year I became a statistic. Suddenly,...

08th Apr2014

To the Wise Women…

Although I’m not what you’d call a “religious” person, I have a certain degree of appreciation for the world philosophies that embrace the roles of women, especially...

26th Mar2014

The Speech I Forgot to Make

Four evenings ago, a small group of photographers, past recipients of the PPA National Award, lined up at the front of a ballroom in a Columbus, Ohio...

11th Mar2014

PP of Ohio Convention: 1 Week until Print Competition Deadline!

It’s that crazy crush of activity the week before the deadline – I know how it is – trust me! We’ll make this short and sweet –...

10th Mar2014

PP of Ohio Convention 1st Timers: Meet the PPO Office Staff

Do you ever wonder who the voice is at the other end of the phone? Who sends out the emails? Who process your dues payment? Well, meet...

09th Mar2014

PP of Ohio Convention 1st Timers: Pack a Hawaiian Shirt

One of the cool events at convention is the big party on Saturday night (March 22 8:30PM – 12:30 AM). That’s the night where awards are passed...