16th Apr2012

REVIEW: CG Pro Prints, A Canvas Vendor

by Christine

I *love* canvas. Every single print in my studio is printed on canvas. But alas, canvas is costly and not many of my clients order their prints on that medium.

All that is about to change.

I have discovered a new canvas supplier that not only is super-affordable, but the quality is out of this world!

I’m always on the lookout for a sale and a $15 off coupon code was sent my way for a vendor I’d never heard of, CG Pro Prints. Usually $15 off is not too much of a deal, but I decided to check out the vendor anyway.

Although CG Pro Prints only caters to professional photographers with the appropriate documentation, their pricing was viewable without having to have an account approved first. On the plus side, I *DID* like this, since I like to know what the COGS are going to be prior to applying for an account, BUT on the negative side, I’m not too crazy about my clients being able to see this pricing.

The pricing itself absolutely astounded me. Canvases start at $12.99! Here, see for yourselves:

I ordered a 20×20 canvas & designed something more on the “fun” side. For the price, I could take the risk. Here’s the end result:

I’m an east coast girl and CG Pro Prints is located in Longmount, CO, so I was a bit concerned about transit time for my order. Not to worry, though, I ordered the canvas on Saturday, March 31 and received it on Tuesday, April 10. My account shows that it shipped on Wednesday, April 4th. So, for a canvas of this quality in 10 days – I’ll take it! CG Pro Prints advertises that your canvas will ship in three business days, and they lived up to that promise.

These canvases are professionally finished on the back, with hardware already installed

and have the neatest wrapped corners I have ever seen.

All in all, I give it five Wootness points!

REVIEW DISCLAIMER: Reviews done by Wootness are done on a whim with no advance notice given to the person or company being reviewed. Items reviewed by Wootness have been purchased and used by Christine in her photography business. Christine has not been compensated for her reviews and has not been offered a beer or any other alcoholic beverage in return for a favorable review.

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  • After my initial love for this product I have decided its time to move back to my original supplier. Yes its a good price. But my last 2 orders have flaws in conspicuous places. Fine for home use or display but not so for my customers. The canvas material itself just doesn't measure up. I like the box idea and have not had issues with the corners unraveling. I just can't tolerate pits and scratches on faces. Shouldn't a good quality control program catch these before they go out the door?

  • CG Pro is great for display prints. I would NOT however get them for my client. They are mounted on cardboard – not stretcher frame and I have had several that the "wrapped" corners have come unwrapped. The company was quick to replace them but I would not want my clients to ever see this happen to their own portrait. When you see the inside of that wrap you understand why it is so inexpensive. But again – for display prints they are wonderful and an inexpensive way to keep your displays fresh.

  • Katrina Anne

    Can I get a coupon code to check out your work? I'm a photographer in Montana and I'm always looking for a better vendor!

  • It's strange to see these prices. Comparing them with the average prices of other companies here: http://www.canvasprintsreviews.com , I realise that problem may appear at any stage: not enough paint, low density canvas etc. This price list is something near initial production costs.

  • George Lee Hilbish

    Hi Evan, I intend to have more prints made to evaluate what images are best suited for your process. What I notice in a comparison of products thus far is that your product does not apply enough pigment to the canvas. It's sort of like not applying enough paint thus allowing the surface to still be visible. I want to see texture but not what is rendering the texture if that makes sense. Anyway, I do like your product and again will continue to evaluate. Thx

  • George Lee Hilbish

    It got my canvas. Not overly impressed with results. Yes, it was fast the wrap is made well but the quality of the image was lack luster. Entry of file size, looks great on paper but not great on this canvas. Question is, will it "do" for customers? The price is great.

    • George – I can't speak for your customers of course, but the resounding feedback we're getting from our over 10,000 pro photographer clients is that their customers love the quality! Thanks for sharing your experience with us. I'm glad that you felt that the product is made well!

  • George Lee Hilbish

    Just ordered my first canvas and while I too am concerned about longevity, I am so pumped! If all is well I will start mass production. This allows for decor sales and wall art promotions etc., etc., etc..Up till now I have always be bummed out at the cost of making canvas prints for display. Now I can and lots of them. I just hope and pray this isn't a flash in the pan. We'll see.

  • Steve Sawusch

    I spoke with Evan about the comments here. The longevity issue does not seem to be as bad as my comment would have seemed. They do internal testing and use an HP engineer for the inks. Longevity of the inks would figure to be closer to the long nature of HP's.

  • I have ordered 6 canvas’s from them and in my opinion they are the real deal. They may have started out as a billboard conpany but are now a canvas company that will give the highest named canvas company a run for their money. All 6 of my canvas’s are in perfect condition and color. I have no doubt that they will last generations if taken care of like any other photo, canvas or frame. Keep up the amazing work CG and of course I will be ordering more from you in the
    very near future!

    Ellie Kingsley

  • Hi everyone!

    It is true that Circle Graphics has a large outdoor advertising division that prints billboards. This has given us a lot of experience in producing prints that stand up to very harsh conditions. Unlike canvas, which is displayed indoors, our outdoor signs have to hold up to direct sunlight without fading (and rain and wind). Major brands who are very concerned about their colors being accurate and not fading and we have been successful in pleasing them for over a decade!

    Our inks are pigment based and all of our materials are premium quality. Every canvas is protected with a clear acrylic coating which makes it extremely scratch resistant and further protects from UV light. Our canvases will last as long or longer than anything out there.

    We stand behind our product and offer a 100% guarantee. If for any reason you are not satisfied at any time, we will replace or refund your order. We even cover return shipping.

    Regarding pricing, wee realize that pro photographers mark up the canvas prices to resell to their clients, and there is some sensitivity to the customer seeing our prices.

    The reason that we provide the pricing on our website is that our prices are a key differentiator for us. The prices are what attract people to our site and compel photographers to sign up. If our prices were hidden, we don't feel we could reach nearly as many photographers.

    We believe photographers can be confident in the value they provide. After all, you're not just selling a canvas, you're selling your photo, taken and edited with your professional equipment, with your eye for a good shot, your editing expertise.

    I hope this makes sense! Our goal is to reach as many photographers as possible and provide a great value, so that they can sell more canvas!



    • I agree that posting your pricing as a way to get people to order through you does catch our eyes, but have you ever considered something like "Canvases starting at $12.99" then requiring a login to see all the pricing? I think this might be a nice middle-ground… the $13 will catch our eyes but a login will protect us pro photographers who don't want our clients to see our wholesale pricing.

    • Dana Fiorito

      I also think that word of mouth is the best thing in town. I heard about you through a forum….you will be made known WITHOUT having to post your prices (IMO) I had a client stumble across your website and called me to ask if I'd order for them. And of course, they're going to pay the price listed on the website (their words).

  • Steve Sawusch

    Julia, because of the process they use, I do not think there is much if anything that can be done outside their factory.

  • Thomas – This website is written for professional photographers, not my clients. I present good values when I see them so that other photographers can take part in them, too. The vendor in question has this price list available publicly, this is not protected information. I have already expressed my concern over this pricing being made public.

  • Julia Treece August

    I just made my first order with them as well. Is there anything we can do to help the canvases last longer, Steve? I'd like to keep my customers happy for more than five years.

  • Steve Sawusch

    These are good for wall decor. Make no mistake, from my engineering and archival background, these will not last "generations". It should last a good 5 years but not generations (they are a billboard sign company). Side by side with the pro lab I use, it is easy to see the difference. Again, great for the price and wall decor, but don't market this as archival to your clients until CG puts their money where their mouth is. From longevity tests that I have seen, companies that make their own inks have low archival test results. I want to see a 3rd party test before I will call it anything but wall decor.

  • Heather Carden Bentley

    I ordered one of these during their $15 off sale as well, and fell in LOVE with mine! They are very nicely finished and inexpensive, especially when compared to the pricier canvas vendor I was using before (who shall remain nameless, and their product didn't look nearly as nice). Thanks Christine, for letting us all know about this place! :)

    • Alison Lamson

      Would it help to add a layer or two of high gloss spray (lacquer)? I add a high gloss to my canvas prints to enhance the texture, and I think it also helps to delay the breaking down of the inks, but I've only used pro-photo lab canvas to date (I am planning on trying one of these for my own home to see the quality).

    • Alison Lamson we do apply a clear acrylic coating on all our prints, however if you prefer a higher gloss, a spray would be a great option for you. We even have customers who use modge podge and the like for an artistic effect!

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