23rd Jun2015

IPC 2015: What’s In Your Case?

by Wootness


Because, yes, I certainly needed to waste even more time just days before the deadline by writing a blog post…

What’s in your case?

Some of you have your cases entered and shipped.

Some of you don’t.

Some of you are looking at the calendar and counting backwards from Thursday night at midnight.And being a lot more optimistic than you ought to be.

My friend Ted said this morning “I’ve got TONS of time.”

Yeah, buddy, I’ll be checking back with you about 10pm on Thursday. I bet you’ll be singing a different tune, then.

Pot, meet Kettle, because I’m pretty much frozen in place this year. I still have not committed to my 4th entry. I have three sealed entries from the Northeast District, but one didn’t cut it, and I’ve got a decision to make. A rather complex decision, it turns out.

Part of me wants to just fling the 79 into battle and be done with it. My patience with competition this year is wearing thin. It has seemed like an incredibly long competition year, and I’m ready to wrap it up and move on.

Part of me wants to drag this out until the bitter end, the last possible minute, and I’ll be pushing the deadline hard, creating one last outstanding entry…


Because I set a pretty big goal for myself this year, and I’m not quite sure I’m going to achieve it. I’ll be honest – I’m scared of failing. Every year I want to beat my performance from the year before, and when that doesn’t happen… it’s a little bit embarrassing; humbling, even.

It’s a way of keeping myself on my toes and making sure I don’t get too big for my britches at the same time, I guess.

So – my quest to kick my own rear end… is kind of kicking my own rear end. But, I’m sure it will pass. Hopefully. Before Thursday would be good.

I imagine I’m just on a bit of image competition overload – go figure, right? Besides eating and breathing print competition, I speak, judge, write and teach it. And it’s been a very busy year for all of those things.

I know I’m not in a frame of mind to make my final decision right now, so I’m just waiting…

I’ve got TONS of time…


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