05th Aug2015

IPC 2015: My Images have Been Judged, Now What? [Part 1]

by Wootness


The morning of Day 3 of the 2015 International Photographic Competition (hereafter known as IPC2015 and sometimes #IPC2015) has dawned. Early morning birdies are bellowing songs of joy and abandon. Obviously they don’t have images being judged or they wouldn’t be so bloody happy…

But anyways…

Some of you are just as happy as those birds. You have the fortunate luck to have gotten in on the beginnings of the loan judging on Tuesday and you have your final results.

Before you go all hog wild on Social Media sites, you need to ratchet it down a little bit and pay attention to some details…

PLEASE do  NOT post your competition images on social media. Anything that was awarded a LOAN designation still has one more phase of competition to go through.

Hang tight for a few weeks or so – the Grand Image Award (GIA) selections still need to be made and those are done AFTER IPC is over and all of the judges have returned home. Anything that was given a LOAN designation can still be chosen as a GIA category finalist. So, you can share your merit images (if they have already been judged for LOAN) and those images that did not merit, but please don’t show your LOAN images yet.

If you’d like to be totally on the safe side – here is a set of directions on how to close down the permissions on a personal photo album on Facebook so that you can share your images there – but you MUST follow all of the directions (the ones about putting all of the judges in a special “group”). These instructions work on your personal page only and do not work on a business page. It’s better to not share at all – but if you just GOTTA:

Image Competition and Facebook Images

I advise against posting anything on Instagram, Google+, etc, as I do not know if there is a way to limit the audience on those sites.

If you’ve done well, congratulations!!! I know it’s exciting, but to maintain the integrity of the GIA judging – please be careful over the following weeks and wait until all the judging is done before you have the billboards made, mkay?

[Stay tuned for additional articles on this topic, which will be posted at the conclusion of IPC2015].

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