From the News Stand

Wootness/Christine has been published by the following industry publications:



The ASP Magazine – The Magazine of the American Society of Photographers

Summer 2015: Featured Article (page 5)


Florida Photographer – The Magazine of the Florida Professional Photographers

May 2015: The Twelve Elements of Wootness

Southern Exposure – The Magazine of the PPA Southeast District

April 2015: Memberships: A Soapbox Near and Dear to my Heart

March 2015: Glitz and Glitter

February 2015: Be More Than a Member, Volunteer

January 2015: Become a Better Photographer

December 2014: Corn Dogs, Olive Oil and Pink Mashed Potatoes

November 2014: It’s Not Always About Winning

October 2014: I Want to Hold Your Hand

September 2014: Let’s Be More than “Good Enough”

August 2014: Suck it Up, Buttercup: A Guide to Success

June 2014: DIY Photography: The Pinterest Mentality

May 2014: Spring Cleaning, Wootness Style!

April 2014: Where Have All The Mentors Gone?

March 2014: Competition Etiquette 101: Open Your Ears and Shut Your Mouth

February 2014: Y’all need a time out. Now. Go sit in the corner.

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